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  1. Elizabeth Howes


    Met Davis 2 years ago on my first visit Cape Town. Was so impressed with his amazing Sculptures and bought the turtle and the elephant for my grandchildren in the U.K.
    They took them to school to show their classmates, how a piece of unwanted rubbish could be turned into a work of art. A lesson to us all !
    Returned to Capetown last month ,happy to find him still there, with a much more updated shop and a larger variety of even more beautiful sculptures ! This time bought the Giraffe and the penguin. The giraffe is my favorite to date, with the crafting of all the different colours., delightful to see!
    Good Luck Davis ! You deserve to be successful with your art.

    • davis ndungu


      Hello Elizabeth.Thank you so much.Sorry for my late reply, been having problem with my website.It’s almost getting fixed now though a lot of work need to be done.Much appreciated that your grandchildren were amazed.So heart warming to hear.

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